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Separation doesn't have to hurt you child, your ex or you



We fully respect the job and the training taken to become a solicitor but you must also always remember they are also a business and you are their client.

If you feel things are not going the way you want or that they are not listening to you then change solicitors or act in person.

This isn't as daunting as it sounds and there is the option to have a Mackenzie friend with you before and at court for guidance and legal knowledge.

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You can go directly to Barristers but they do cost money and you may have to go through a solicitor to get to them for childrens cases but it can be done.

   Mackenzie friends

You can go to a Mackenzie friend for assistance they are not qualified solicitors but people with legal knowledge to assist you with the case, paperwork, advice and when you go to court moral support to help you through the process and should there be any issues in court they can, with the permission of the Judge, speak on behalf of you but this is usually in exceptional situations.

Remember the judge does not judge you but the evidence but he or she will look to see if you are acting in the correct manner and most importantly if you are credible in everything you do.

So don't ever go into court and tel lies as at one point you will be found out and it will go against you from then on in. Truth and trust in the judge are the only things you need to do.

The court may ne a frightening place but it is the job of the Judge when you act in person to put you at ease and not allow the opposition solicitors to take advantage of the situation.

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